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18 February 2015: HAIMER corporate development 2014

The Duo Lock™ system provides a performance range with an axial feed up to 1,5xD and thus an expanded area of application in contrast to other existing modular milling systems.

2014 was a very eventful and successful year for the HAIMER Group. Compared to the previous year the specialists of tool clamping technology were able to achieve top results and to increase their annual turnover by more than 20 percent. A significant share of this success belongs to the Asian and the North American market with China and the USA on top. In Europe, HAIMER expanded its business with new subsidiaries in Italy and Turkey. On the product side the new Duo-Lock™ milling heads, which have a modular interface and were developed in cooperation with Kennametal, got a lot of attention.

After a rather slow growth rate during the previous year, 2014 was a very successful year for the HAIMER GmbH in Igenhausen. The European market leader in the field of tool clamping technology was able to increase its profits throughout its entire product range and the three essential industrial regions of Europe, North America and Asia. All in all, the HAIMER Group was able to achieve an impressive sales growth of 21 percent. CEO Andreas Haimer who, among other things, is responsible for the international business of the corporation notices a clear trend: “In China high precision machining is becoming more and more important. That’s why there is a backlog demand for our core products, our shrinking and balancing technology, and this development contributed to new sales and turnover records. For 2015 we are also expecting a group-wide two digit sales growth.
During spring 2014, HAIMER expanded its global presence and founded its new subsidiaries HAIMER Italia Srl in Berareggio near Milan and HAIMER Mexico in Querétaro. At the end of the year HAIMER Dış Ticaret Ltd. in Ankara, Turkey was added to the long list of new subsidiaries. While all subsidiaries are in charge of on side sales and customer support, all HAIMER products are produced at the headquarters in Igenhausen where the company invested in further buildings and new machine technology within the last few years. There, 310 out of the worldwide 400 staff members are employed.

Innovative quality products

Next to the already established and constantly improving products in the area of tool holders and shrinking and balancing machines, the Safe-Lock™ system enjoyed an especially gratifying development. Andreas Haimer refers to the widespread distribution of this pullout protection system for shank tools: “We established Safe-Lock™ as a standard for heavy duty and rough milling for which there is an abundance of tools worldwide. Leading tool manufacturers such as ATI Stellram, Walter, Widia, Sandvik Coromant, Seco Tools, Sumitomo, Kennametal, Helical, Emuge Franken and Data Flute decided to use our system and acquired the necessary licenses. Compared to the preceding year the Safe-Lock™ numbers tripled within the global market.” One of the reasons for this upswing is the realization that this pullout protection provides a productivity increase not just for typical aerospace applications, but it is also time-saving and cost-effective regarding any other rough milling operation.

Solid Carbide Endmills made by HAIMER

The new HAIMER Power Mill universal solid carbide endmills, which are made out of high quality submicron carbide and are equipped with a Safe Lock™ shank, are the newest HAIMER products that are on a similar path to success. Andreas Haimer reports: “At the moment these tools are being tested intensively by many of our customers and the results are amazing. By combining a highly accurate interface with a highly efficient milling tool we can provide the productivity increase which our customers desire.” After a successful introduction to the German market these new products will soon be sold on an international level. CEO Andreas Haimer is convinced that “in combination with our inch program, which we willSeite 2 von 6introduce to the market in the course of this year, we will be able to successfully place our endmills on the US market.”
Last autumn the presentation of the new Duo Lock™ system got a lot of attention. This modular interface for solid carbide endmills was developed in cooperation with the well-known tool manufacturer Kennametal and field tests, which are carried out by selected users all over the world, are extremely promising. The patented and trademark protected Duo Lock™ system is offered to other tool manufacturers via licensing and in combination with the Safe Lock™ concept in order to establish a compatible high performance standard for screw-in end mills within the market. As of the middle of this year these products will be available on stock.
Also, in 2015, existing and new customers will have many opportunities to experience HAIMER products firsthand. Last year our products were presented at more than 100 events such as exhibitions, roadshows and other opportunities. This year this number will be matched once again. In Europe the most important event will be the EMO exhibition in Milan.

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