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25 February 2018: HAIMER at GrindTec 2018 - Productivity increase with balancing

Precise grinding wheel adapters for grinding machines with balancing bore to compensate the unbalance.

During GrindTec 2018, the international Trade Fair of grinding technology in Augsburg, HAIMER, European market leader for clamping and balancing technology, will present the newest developments in the area of highly precise grinding wheel adapters, balancing and presetting technology, as well as accessories. Another Highlight: solid carbide blanks with Duo-Lock, a modular interface for cutting tool heads developed by HAIMER. The Duo-Lock blanks can be equipped with individual milling geometries and used for special applications.

To achieve precise grinding results it is essential to work with balanced items. In order to balance grinding wheels, HAIMER GmbH in Igenhausen, Germany, developed the balancing machine series Tool Dynamic. At GrindTec 2018 the company will present its new balancing machine Tool Dynamic Preset Microset, which perfectly combines balancing and presetting technology. The tool is clamped by a high-precision balancing spindle and with the well-known HAIMER adapter system. This saves time and increases the accuracy since there is no need to re-clamp the tool.

HAIMER is also offering special accessories in order to make the balancing process as efficient and as easy as possible. At the exhibition the balancing experts will be presenting a complete range of grinding wheel adapters for all well-known tool grinding machine brands: amongst others Vollmer, Walter, ISOG, UWS Reinecker and Rollomatic. Furthermore, HAIMER is also offering a range of suitable grinding wheel adapters for multi-tasking machines that combine milling, turning and also grinding technology.

HAIMER grinding wheel adapters are highly precise and in combination with tailored balancing adapters they simplify the clamping process in the balancing machine. During the first measurement the approximate unbalance of the grinding wheels is determined. This is followed by the dressing and a final fine balancing process (also in two planes). Especially grinding wheels sometimes show very high unbalance, but with the help of special heavy-metal balancing screws it can easily be compensated. For this HAIMER has installed a large number of balancing threads into the grinding wheel adapters.

The unbalance on grinding wheels can stem from various reasons: the tolerance of the grinding wheel bore, the homogeneity (mass distribution of the wheel), as well as parallelism and concentricity of the grinding wheel play an important role. The tolerance of the grinding wheel arbor, as well as the dressing and profiling process have a direct effect on the concentricity and wear of the grinding wheel. In any case, the unbalance affects the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece and leads to extremely high grinding wheel and spindle wear. HAIMER balancing technology is the ideal solution to prevent these problems: it provides the ideal grinding parameters with higher feed rates and also increases the productivity during the grinding process.

Interesting for tool grinders: during GrindTec 2018 HAIMER will also present high quality carbide blanks with Duo-Lock threads which can be further processed into special tools. Duo Lock was developed by HAIMER and is the most robust interface for carbide cutting tool heads. For the first time a modular milling system can achieve the similar high performance of the latest generation of solid carbide end mills. The innovative thread design of the Duo Lock system and its patented double cone surface combined with a third contact area provide maximum stability, load capacity and a high runout accuracy of 5 µm.

HAIMER has also expanded its range of Duo-Lock products. These include collets with Duo-Lock threads which are ideal for conventional ER collet chucks for milling, as well as for driven tools and rotary indexing machines.

You will find HAIMER at GrindTec 2018 in hall 1, booth 1030.

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